about me and the store

My name is Martha Rich and I am making 100 pieces of art for $100 because I think art should be accessible.

The work is experimental, random, meaningless, and/or thoughtful. Sometimes it is a study for a larger painting or it is whatever I feel like doing at the moment. On occasion I go back and revise a piece that I feel needs changing. It is fluid.

Once I reach 100, sold pieces will be replaced by new ones so there will always be 100 pieces of art available. Check back often.

Follow me on instagram @martharich63 to see what's coming! Click here to see pictures.

I am a Philadelphia-based artist formerly of Los Angeles. If you care about credentials, I have an MFA from the University of Pennsylvania and a BFA from Art Center College of Design. Does this make me legit? Yes it does.

Check out my website to learn more about me. I have another store of larger pieces.

Thank you for being supportive of the arts!